Monday, June 2, 2008

The Weather Makers

I'm babysitting my friend's record collection and listening to Allman Brother Band, 'Ain't Wastin Time no more'

sounds sweet. I also just read 'The Weather Makers' by Time Flannery. Its about that most uplifting topic of climate change!

The time has come that our human activities have started to have a stronger effect than natural influences on our climate -- which means we're making the weather!! Only thing is, we don't really need a hotter planet - I'd be all for burning up the coal and warming our planet if the ice age was coming, but its not!! Fortunately, we collectively know what to do about this, we just need to understand the basics and make some small changes to start cooling our planet. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the ones that sticks out to me is the rate at which species are going extinct and how fast Earth's biodiversity is being lost. Just a 1 degree celsius global average change has already had huge impacts.


Here are some things that everyone reading this can do to help.

Have you looked into a Green power option where you live (for electricity) If there isn't one, find out why and let them know they have consumers.

Solar Panels are a double investment now - one for the Earth and one for you since power is getting more and more expensive!

Check fuel efficieny of your next car! Don't end up with a gas-guzzler with these fuel prices! And walk/cycling, if your area is appropriate can also reduce emissions.

If you're someone that writes to their politician, please include carbon emissions and green energy initiatives. If not, there's always a first time.

Our solution to this will be multi-faceted, relying on carbon sequestering, wind and solar power, research into tidal power, and perhaps nuclear. There is research out into compressed air cars!! What a clean way to store energy!