Monday, May 5, 2008

another reason to plant a garden

The Food and Agriculture Organization says that food prices have gone up 83% in the last three years. Rice prices alone have gone up 141% since January of this year alone! The impact of higher food prices ultimately means that more impoverished people will suffer from malnutrition and could starve.

Woah!!! Time to plant those veggies and start growing some extra!

And since us grown-ups over 18 can have a massive effect on the outcome of the Nov 3rd ELECTION!!! Here is a breakdown of the candidates and their environmental stance.

Barack Obama

Is a current frontrunner as a democratic presidential candidate. He currently serves as the US Senator of Illinois. His previous experience is in the Illinois state senate. Barack Obama believes that we should take steps to limit the effects global warming. He wants to increase fuel efficiency standards and lower the carbon in our fuels. He would encourage auto manufacturers to create more advanced vehicles and he would require that 20% of our electricity come from renewable sources by 2020. These issues come together as an intuitive and comprehensive action plan with regards to the environment. The League of Conservation Voters rates Barack Obama with a 100% for 2006.

John McCain

Is a republican presidential candidate that currently holds a position as Senator of Arizona. In general, Senator McCain is a pro-business kind of guy. He usually doesn’t care about the environment if it means businesses will lose money. However, he does have a mixed voting record that includes pro-environment bills. For example, he voted yes for including oil and gas smokestacks to be included in the mercury regulations put out by the EPA to cap mercury emissions. If I was a republican that cared about the environment, I think that I might vote for someone else who had a more positive solid stance for the environment. The League of Conservation Voters rated Senator John McCain at 29% for 2006.

A democratic presidential candidate that is currently holding a seat in the U.S. senate in New York. Her voting record in the senate proves that she really cares about environmental issues regarding energy and global warming. Some people say that the United States isn’t ready for a female president, but I say that she fits the bill quite well. She has a decent shot at winning the democratic primaries, but she’ll have to put up quite a fight. Hillary Clinton “introduced a plan to Congress to create a Strategic Energy Fund that would inject $50 billion into research, development, and deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean coal technology, ethanol and other homegrown biofuels, and more.” She wouldn’t raise taxes to its citizen’s but instead would give oil companies a choice: to invest in renewable energies themselves, or put money into a fund that will invest into renewable energy research ( Her scorecard on the League of Conservation Voters in 2006 was 71%.


Wild Hope said...
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Wild Hope said...

Thanks for posting this information Ben!

I was recently wondering what all the presidental canidates stances were on environmental issues and you just made my research on it easy ;)

I am not yet registered to vote (I am a horrible US Citizen I know =/ ) even though I've been legally old enough to vote for 4 years now.

I plan on registering for this years elections because I want to vote for Mrs. Clinton if she makes it past the primaries!

You just gave me one more reason to vote for her!