Tuesday, July 22, 2008

check out this oxfam link

I found these stories on climate change to be illuminating and inspiring. They are four videos about how women in various different countries have taken it upon themselves to tackle those problems coming with climate change. I kept noticing that in the poorer societies, their big problems are crop failure from not knowing when to plant the crops - the signs have all changed and the long term weather is much less predictable.


Also, did you know that because of the increased CO2 in the air, the oceans are absorbing CO2 as well, making them more acidic. This acidity is beginning to prevent some organisms from creating their shells. Of course, this is the end of the line for these creatures... and coral, which is bleaching from the higher temperatures at an alarming rate all over the world -- these are the canaries is the coal mine!

keep spreading the word! Here's some good news -- Scotland will be building the worlds largest windmill farm by 2011! The news looks amazing, especially the way that it is creating so many jobs! Lets get it going here too!


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