Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bicycle For A Day

I had a really fun show on Saturday at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan. I'd taken care of everything the day before so was actually able to wake up with Fern and ride my bicycle across the Brooklyn bridge with her. What a great way to get to Sound Check - and we were early!

Bicycle for a day is a yearly event set up by Matthew Modine to encourage people to bike and be environmentally friendly. During the day there was a walk, and a group of bicyclists that left to Washington DC to take the message there too.

There were rumors that Bobby Kennedy Jr. (a top environmental lawyer and activist) might show up with his kids on his sailboat. During my set, he did just that so I got to introduce him and took a seat with my band behind him as he spoke about cleaning up the Hudson, the first of his Waterkeepers projects. I didn't know that they had turned the Hudson around - it still looks pretty murky to me, but biologically its doing a lot better than it was 2 decades ago.

Well that was an honor and inspiring to see what someone who cares so much can do.

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Anonymous said...

It looked like a great day was had and for a great cause. It's scary to see how much damage is being done due to the car exhaust.
I think it'd also be pretty neat to ride a bike across the bridge - even though the amount of traffic would scare me haha, I'd be paranoid that I was going to be knocked off or something.
Must have been really exciting to share a stage with Bobby!
Have a great day!