Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its Official

Its very exciting to finally have this dream be realized!!!

The foundation will be donating money to various different places. I've established four funding areas: education, political, humanitarian and investment, all dealing with different angles of protecting our natural environment.

Education: Local (New York) education of teens on environmental issues.

Political: Donations to groups that lobby for environmental protection at the political level.

Humanitarian: Give to those worse affected by climate change.

Investment: Continue the long process of investing in clean energy infrastructure.

I'm also concerned about the loss of biodiversity happening presently but this was a huge area to open up, so at the beginning I'm sticking to the above. We already have setup a fundraiser at South by Southwest and the New York 'replay' clothing store will be donating 10% of profits to the ben jelen foundation the week of my 'wreckage' release (4/22/08) -- so give them the support they deserve! We're setup to run this tour on biodiesel and clean diesel. I'm still hoping for a day when we can tour without gas, and now we can all be doing something about that!

Thank you,


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newsong said...

I'm so excited for you on the beginnings of your foundation!! What an awesome opportunity you have to make a difference. As I've mentioned on the boards, please let us jelenbeans know if there is any way we can help! See you in NYC!