Wednesday, March 5, 2008

day one

We woke up in North Carolina and are now near Jacksonville Florida.

I was talking to Chris Lewis, our tour manager this morning and it turns out that he was one of the 20 million that participated in the very first Earth Day. 4/22/1970. Chris walked to school - also said he was pretty much the only kid he knew that was "in the know" from FM radio broadcasting.

What can we all do for Earth day 2008 (38 years later!!!!)


imagine this: the 'weight' your tree gains is equal to how much carbon it took out of the air and stores in its wood/leaves!!!

I've been excited about the idea of the BJF sponsoring an inner city teen to 'escape' their urban environment and learn about nature IN nature.

Tomorrow we're playing the Langerado festival in the Everglades, a place known for its environmental vulnerability. more to come....


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