Friday, March 14, 2008

south by southwest

We're having a great time out on the road and are right now in the middle of our sxsw shows. Tomorrow we're playing cedar house.

Will Wynn, the mayor of Austin had a party to "open" the music conference - I love his forward ideas and his belief that if you build a clean way to live and a fun place to live in, the economics will follow. After he ran off stage I ran after him and had to tell him I really believed in those environmental efforts -- as well as the way Austin gives tax breaks to venues with live music stages. I could be wrong but I have a feeling that in the rest of the country, maybe even state, it costs you more to showcase live music at your establishment.

Who has googled "the great pacific trash heap"?? Its frightening stuff.

And lastly, we opened the ben jelen foundation at south by southwest. I can say we have already raised several thousand dollars. There is so much environmental awareness happening - we can change the way we live!!

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